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The First Analytical Services And Technical Cooperative has a humble and God-inspired history. The idea of putting up F.A.S.T. Lab (the shortened business name widely used for convenience), was thought up by one of the founding members of the cooperative. Reynaldo “Rey” Amigo Kangleon was feeling uncertain of his newfound profession as an Insurance Agent early in the year 1997. At that time, he had been selling insurance for nine months already, a year after his early retirement as a Quality Manager. While he was selling life insurance products, a former colleague suggested putting up a testing laboratory for various feed milling plants in Southern Luzon; one which was cheaper but had faster turn-around of test results. It dawned then on Rey Kangleon that it was God’s answer to his prayers. He knew putting up a testing laboratory was costly, and so he decided to solicit business partnerships from his former R&D colleagues. The first ones who got interested were Rosalinda “Osang” Mayol Custodio, Elinor “Leny” Fernandez Buccat, Reynaldo “Rey” Dinglasan Angulo, Rolyn Talla Perez, Eli Torrado, and Albert Silio. F.A.S.T. Laboratories was born as God’s gift for friendship and talents, and for the country.

Rey Kangleon called the first meeting in the Dulcinea Restaurant in Tomas Morato St., Quezon City to discuss the business offer. Succeeding meetings were held in the office of Lecel Products, owned by Leny Buccat in 20th Ave. Cubao, Quezon City.

Our History